If you have any Great Neck North, South or Village School reunion news that you want to share, send it to reunions@gnalumni.org. Since this site handles three schools, please indicate which one is having the reunion.

If you want to know about a reunion that is not listed here, please try calling the appropriate school. They may be able to get you in contact with the right person. You can find their telephone numbers here.

Many of the reunions are being handled by Reunions Unlimited ( http://www.reunions-unlimited.com ). You can check their web site for more information.
Disclaimer: Reunions Unlimited has no visible privacy policy. It is likely that any personal information you put on their web site will be used for marketing purposes. We recommend giving as little contact information as possible, and doing signup through direct email contact with the reunion organizers.

Upcoming reunions
South High - Class of 1983 - 30th
Eric Poll writes:
We have two Facebook pages set up to give news about the Reunion this Spring: A public Facebook page about the Reunion, and an invite-only group page for Class members from 1983. Anyone from the Class of 1983 can be added to the group page but first has to Friend an existing classmate who invites them to be a part of the group: group link.

South High - Class of 2002 - 10th
DATE: Saturday, November 24, 2012
PLACE: Chelsea Manor
138 West 25th Street
$60/person - Open Premium Bar, Food, Music
For more information contact Errol Eisner greatnecksouthreunion@gmail.com
Great Neck North High - Class of 1962 - 50th Reunion
50th Reunion Weekend: May 18-20, 2012
Friday Night at "NICKS" in the old village! (Now called the Village Coffee Shop, "Nick's" is across from the Village Green at 641 Middle Neck Rd.)
Saturday night at Melville Hall at the USMMA in Kings Point.
Contact Peggy Karlin Kroll for more details: gnnclassof62@gmail.com
Great Neck South High - Class of 1962 - 50th Reunion
Sue Gitlin Cherlin writes: We are in the midst of planning our 50th reunion for May 4-6, 2012. Trying to locate former classmates is our major task at the moment. If anyone knows a member of our class, anything about a member, or if you are a graduate of that year, please email me, Sue Gitlin Cherlin, chazzarye@cox.net. Our plans are moving ahead and we're looking forward to a wonderful reunion.
North High - Class of 1997
The Great Neck South Class of 1997 held their 10 year High School Reunion on Saturday, November 24th 2007. If you have any further questions please email 97south@gmail.com
North High - Class of 1988 - 20th

June 13, 2008, 8pm
The Swan Club, Glenwood Landing, NY
$105 pp, 4 hour open bar and buffet dinner
RSVP by May 23, 2008
Send Payment to:
Reunions Unlimited
P.O. Box 150
Englishtown NJ 07726
phone: (732) 617-1000
North High - Class of 1983 - 25th
The Great Neck North High class of 1983 is having it's 25th year reunion this spring.
Friday May 16th, 2008 6:30 - 10-30pm
Azza Lounge
137 East 55th Street
New York, New York 10022
Between 3rd & Lexington Avenues
$125.00 PP
Open Premium Bar, Food, Music
For more information contact James Massaro - GNN class of 1983 list at Yahoo
North High - Class of 1981 - 20th
The Great Neck North Class of 1981 had a spectacular reunion party in September 2001. Find out more at www.gnn81reunion.com
South High - Class of 1981 - 20th
GNS Class of 1981 has it's own site. There are proactively planning their 30th reunion. http://www.gns1981.com/.
South High - Class of 1980 - 30th
We will be celebrating 30 years on Saturday Oct 30, 2010 at the USMMA Officers Club. The dinner/dance will be preceded in the afternoon by the 2nd Annual GN Bruins Alumni game at Parkwood Ice Rink. The Class of 1980 would be honored to have our friends from Community School, Village School, and those from other graduating years join us in reuniting with friends!

There is a Great Neck North Class of 1980 Reunion page on Facebook. For those who are not members of Facebook and would like further information on our event please email your contact information to: lori.gilliar@gmail.com
North High - Class of 1979
They have a web site at www.greatnecknorth.com.

Contact Sara Shapiro Bachrach.
North High - Class of 1978 - 30th
The GNN Class of '78 is getting ready for their 30th Reunion in '08. Are you ready to Party?! Please send your contact information to Ami Silverstein (Oscar1924@aol.com) and/or Judy Berg (Judybe01@aol.com) so we can add you to our database. If you know of other email addresses & info from our classmates, please forward that information as well. Stay tuned for updates!
North High - Class of 1977
It's time to start planning the 30th reunion for the class of 1977. Allison [Clark] Burris and Tina [McKenzie] Bickerstaff are willing to organize a great party! They got a mailing from Reunions Unlimited stating that Doug Spector and [Nina?] Fox signed up with reunions unlimited again for this reunion. Allison and Tina were not happy with the last reunion's cost and have gotten some negative feedback on some recent reunions, if Doug or Nina check this site please contact Tina - BickerTS@obg.com or Allison- Algae15@optonline.net or contact me at Joanioni1@aol.com or call me at North High @ 516-773-1535 so I can help connect everyone. Don't forget to check out our school web site www.greatneck.k12.ny.us there is an alumni link and a lot of info.
North High - Class of 1975 - 30th - April 15, 2005
Great Neck North Class of 1975 Reunion committee: Scott Reit (sreit@mbhlawyer.com), Peter Lewis, Bill Sussman; Robert Pacht, Daniel Tanenbaum.
North High - Class of 1974 - 30th - May 22, 2004
Organizer: Jeffrey Boudin - Jeff@CorporateChallenge.com.
South High - Class of 1974 - "30 + 1"th - May 14, 2005
Organizers: Bill Feaster (bill@gns74.com), Michael Keller (mike@gns74.com) and David Topus (david@gns74.com). You can also visit their website, http://www.gns74.com.
South High - Class of 1973 - 30th
We are planning the Great Neck South Class of 1973 reunion for October 25th at T he Inn of GN. Contact:
dred00@optonline.net: Ed Rosenthal
tracylewis@charter.net: Tracy Lewis
lgshapiro@gmail.com: Larry Shapiro
newbgning@aol.com: Joan Orville Ambrosio (newbgning@aol.com)
North High - Class of 1972 - 50th Birthday Party
Have you seen your Arista Yearbook online at http://www.gnn72.com, or checked out the many new people who have submitted their pictures and updates? Also check out the new stories in the Communications Center!!! They have also added a new feature, A Class Chat Room. Watch for their next scheduled chat!

Contacts: Paul Jason - paul.jason@verizon.net - 516-487-1418
Karen Krinsky Sussman - krinsk54@aol.com - 516-829-9288
Jodee Rubinstein - ammamama1@aol.com - 516-746-3914
Jonathan Rudes - jr@rudes.com - 212-528-1400
North High - Class of 1971 - 30th - November 3rd, 2001
For more information contact Linda Dickens at lcd53@aol.com.
South High - Class of 1970
My Old Yearbook CD is creating our yearbook on CD.. the cost is $29.95 + $5.25 s/h to alumni..only one person can be in charge ..guess who?...so if you are interested in ordering a CD...please let me know...once we receive a minimum of 20 orders then they will create it...I have also copied the senior pages of the yearbook and created an attachment...25 pages...the images are somewhat (?) legible...not great... if you want me to send you that attachment...again...let me know...
Contacts: Judi Friedman Babcock (judibabcock@earthlink.net) and Leslie Reiss (lreiss@sibcycline.com)
North High - Class of 1969
babette7@juno.com or Susan (Cohen) Lapidus
South High - Class of 1969
Eddie Rabinowitz has been organizing reunions every 5 years. For more information, contact him at eddier51@hotmail.com,
North High - Class of 1968 - 40th
The reunion will be July 26, 2008 at the Merchant Marine Academy. Please have people contact lisahope@aol.com to be put on the mailing list.
Lisa Klahr Class of 68 Reunion Chairperson
South High - Class of 1968
Alan G. Stone
South High - Class of 1967
The South Class of 1967 held it's 35th reunion on October 19th, 2002 at the Merchant Marine Academy. They are also putting together a class reunion yearbook, which will be available online or in hardcopy. For more information, contact Sue Greenberg Piper at SGPiper@aol.com
South High - Class of 1966
Peggy Swarzman and several others organized a reunion in '86 for our 20th. The organization for our 30th reunion started too late and never got off the ground. Plans for the 40th reunion in 2006 (we missed the 35th last year), are going on now. If you are interested in attending, contact Peggy Swarzman at gns66reunion@aol.com.
South High - Class of 1965
The Class of 1965 is organizing a 45th reunion. Send mail to GreatNeckSouth65-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to subscribe to the free class mailing list for more information. The reunion will take place at Lake Success Country Club on September 11, 2010. Hope to see everyone there.
South High - Class of 1963
Great Neck South class of 1963 will be holding it's 40th reunion on November 1, 2003 at The Inn at Great Neck. Contact Susan Power (spower@frenkel.com) or Phyllis Ducore Balagur (phylbal@juno.com) for more information
North High - Class of 1962
The class of 1962 had its 40th reunion in October of 2001. For more information contact Peggy Karlin Kroll at pkkroll@gmail.com or Ed Weisel at ew501@aol.com.
Great Neck North High - Class of 1961 - 50th Reunion
The Great Neck North High School Class of 1961 50th Reunion is scheduled for Oct 22, 2011, at the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point. Weekend events are planned as well. Contact Joanie Parsly Sherman joani@mindspring.com and our class web site (www.greatnecknorthhighschool61.org) for news.
North and South High - Class of 1960-1963 - 50th
Diane Godlis Philips Cohen and Joanie Parsly Sherman are organizing a reunion for the classes of 1960 through 1963 for both schools.
Date: Saturday, November 7, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Inc. Lounge - located in the Time Hotel 224 West 49th Street - 2nd Floor
Cost: $65.00 through the link below, $75 at the door - CASH ONLY.
Purchase Tickets: http://www.wantickets.com/EventDetail.aspx?e_id=74892
facebook group
Contacts: Joani Parsly Sherman, 908.439.2339, joani@mindspring.com
Diane Godlis Philips Cohen, 516.482.0939, jcohened@aol.com
Jason Philips, 917.338.9720, jp@deluxexp.com
Great Neck High - Class of 1959
The 50th reunion is scheduled for Oct. 24, 2009 at the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point. Please send all your info to Andrea Fortunoff at aamd99@earthlink.net. Include your email address, home address, telephone numbers. Hope you can make it.
Great Neck High - Class of 1958 - 50th
The 50th Reunion for Great Neck North Alumni will be the 10th - 12th October 2008 at Pier 66 Hyatt in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Classmates from CA, AZ and many other states have already sent in their checks for what will be a fantastic week-end.
Contact Sandra Zahn-Oreck at SZahnoreck@aol.com for more information.
Great Neck High - Class of 1957
Check their web site at http://www.dohnsco.com/class57/
Great Neck High - Class of 1955 - 50th Reunion
The Great Neck High Class of 1955 will be holding a 50th reunion weekend with events on September 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2005. Dinner on the evening of the 24th at the USMMA officers club.

Contact Rona Lifshey Miller at RVM@DELTAFUNDING.COM
Great Neck High - Class of 1954 - 48th Reunion
The Class of 1954 did not want to wait until 2004 to hold it's 50th reunion, so it is doing it this year. Block out the date now.
WhenSaturday night, October 5, 2002
WhereKings Point Merchant Marine Acadamy
For more information contact Nancy Strauss Freedman at 516-482-2735 or Arlene Jacobsone Lurie at Arlene.Lurie@israelbonds.com or call one of the other organizers
Mike Cohn (AZ)488-970-6663
Frank Gilmartin (CT)800-367-5582
Ilene Lifshey Wechter (NJ)201-871-4885
Dick Wilmmer (CA)818-889-1006
Great Neck High - Classes of 1952 and 1953
The Classes of '52 and '53 Great Neck North will be having their 50th's Reunions together on September 28, 2002. The Class of '52 should contact Dick Hauser at RHAUSER515@aol.com and the Class of '53 can contact Ann Zaner Finkelstein at 516-487-0227 or AZF57@aol.com. If you can help us contact anyone, please drop us a line and let us know.

Great Neck South 50th Anniversary
George Levien writes:
This the official launch of our 50th Anniversary Celebration scheduled for April 30, May 1, May 2 of 2010.

On May 27th 2009 we had the official start of the 50th year of Excellence celebration. Alumni and Faculty had an opportunity to visit with each other and tour the school. Our upcoming celebration will bring all 50 classes of students, along with past and present Faculty together again for this huge event. This will be the most outstanding event in the Schools history.

Please spread the word to all the alumni you know. DON’T assume that they know. Or that they are not interested. Please register on the website and start the ball rolling.